These page contains some messages for a few people.

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To Brad Baron: It wasn't cancer soup, but I did hear something new in your voice when we discussed this matter. It was because I acknowledged I didn't know what to do. But I've never claimed to know everything. Or to be wise. Only that a few people have called me wise :-)

To Kevin King: Thank you for the unexpected call. And, yes, I disregarded one part of your advice. This document is not as short as you recommended.

To Charlie Baldwin: Once and for all, I could have done a nice website for you. And boosted the site rankings. But it isn't magic. You need to add things that are actually useful.

To Li Ping: You didn't value Charlie enough. But you're a good person and I miss seeing you. I hope that U.S. citizenship worked out.

To Montasar Swaiss and Ted Batha: There are things that should be discussed. I was sincere when I said I wanted to hear your thoughts. It was about this website and its successors. The project is moving forward. And no, it won't be all Care Bears. It isn't like that for me. And, you know what, that isn't my fault and it never was.

To Twisted Time: It was past time to talk about this. Not that even five percent has been discussed. I didn't expect it to happen like this. It was supposed to be quiet and gradual. I want to help you with the disability OS. Thank you again for the $5.00 that I used to get out of town. And for the clothes. It was sort of a defining moment.

To Akhil: Nancy G involved you at my request. You responded. Thank you. There's something I've wanted to discuss with you since I noticed what you were doing about a decade ago. But I don't know if the time will ever be right to talk. I don't think talking works well for me. Writing is better. May we exchange letters sometime?

I tried to speak with Kevin and Kern in 2008. I got Kevin to sing me the Superchicken song. But he didn't want to talk to me after that because I spoke oddly. He said it was "too much". He called me when I was writing this, though. It was a boost.

I wonder something regardless. You and the others saw the boy who talked. He was not the same as the boy who wrote. They shared the same head but they were different. The boy who wrote was the one who felt things. He was me and I am back now. It happened in 2008. Did anybody ever know that I existed?

To Services for Brain Injury: I try to keep all my promises. But circumstances may prevent me from finishing the conversion of the patient MS-Access database to SQL format.

To Bonsai Kitten: You and I are a little alike though people are always different. We are both surprised by what can happen. I certainly didn't expect this. Thank you for discussing issues such as autism and metacognition with me. And for talking about Linux distros. I still want to launch Open Linux though I don't know if Volkerding and Canonical will talk to us. I'm glad the change in your life recently worked out.

To Ziyad: This started with you. I was worried about telling you little stories about my career because I thought it might lead to my life being disclosed and all of this coming out. But, as it turned out, this was a moot point. So here is another part of the story, the part I didn't fully explain.

Now you know more about people who are different. And you know where Twisted Time fits in. He is too ill to visit. But if my parents and brothers, the Kiralys, can be stopped I look forward someday to a three-way discussion about reading. You'll be very busy with the current program. But do not neglect reading of different types. Fiction and poetry may not pay the rent but they can affect the mind in a positive way. And, as you know by now, the mind is a useful toy.

To JonnyCash: You were polite and sensible. And now you know the story. If you need help in the future, I'll try to help.

To Timothy: Thank you for helping me to feel useful. I was exhausted the week before my birthday. But I'd like to do more of the e-commerce work.

To Nancy Del Grande: You've told me that I've helped the soldiers in Afghanistan a little. I'm glad to have spent time on this. If you move forward with the next step and I'm not indisposed I'll be pleased to help further.

To Nancy G.: You and the other Nancy should meet for lunch. You both have a religious faith that seems genuine and not the kind that is used to hurt people. She is working towards interesting goals that may change society in the long run. You live on the same side of the Bay. A meeting might be interesting.

To Harold, Readme, and Salisbury: All three of you offered me encouragement as I edited this document. You also expressed concern about how ill I was; something those I am regrettably connected to by blood would never do. And Harold, you helped me to get this document out there. I am grateful to all of you.

To Sythe: You offered advice. Thank you. You felt that to speak the truth would be too bold. You also thought the illustrations were too colorful; something about reducing my life to a comic book. But you didn't suggest realistic alternatives. If it is a comic book so be it I didn't see any other way.

To Arthur Chan: You saw the humor before. I thought I'd explain the rest of the story.

To George and Sandy Kerechanko: I've tried to do the right thing since the beginning, decades ago. Does George remember the awestruck boy who watched as George roared up on his amazing motorcycle? The boy was disliked by his family and some of his peers for being different, lived in fear for a decade, was knocked to the floor, and literally chased out of the house. He didn't deserve any of this.

And I love you, but I don't deserve condemnation for talking about it. Not when James Kiraly has been trying to have me arrested for half a year. Did he or didn't he ask you if there was something you'd like to do to make it possible to arrest me and prosecute me?

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