Voicemail for Michael Bonetto

Voicemail for Michael Bonetto

This is a manual transcription of a voicemail message that was left for Michael Bonetto on June 12, 2012. There may be inadvertent transcription errors.

Michael, hello. I wanted to thank you for your time earlier. Moving on, I'll be noting the exact words that I use for future communications. I assure you that every syllable will be available for people such as judges to review in the future. And every response or action goes on a number of websites. This is a friendly and reasonable point of course.

As far as my right to contact you goes, there is one issue that it seems sensible to discuss. If you were to characterize the fact that I'll ask about this as unreasonable, I'd need to disagree as it involves a violation of the law.

The point is that there's an interesting inconsistency. One that we'll focus on quite sharply in the future. If you wish to discuss it at the Bar Association level and on various websites that will be fine. You stated bluntly that I had been lawfully served but you implied that this had happened by Wednesday June 6 my birthday.

That was when you said that every message left on that day was inappropriate communication. Yet papers were not slid illegally under my door until days later. I noticed the inconsistency and asked you about it. You hemmed and hawed. I find this intriguing.

When was I served, Michael? Answer me. And let's discuss it with the Bar Association.

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