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Visits from 1999 to 2008

My parents moved to Pismo Beach, CA in the late 1990s. I visited them shortly afterward and again in 2003. My father James Kiraly ignored my presence except when he was angry with me. On one occasion when James shouted at me, my mother Grace told me "How dare you bring this into my house?" She blamed me for childish behavior by my father. This was annoying but hardly new. In dysfunctional families, when bad things are done to somebody, that person sometimes shoulders the blame for it.

The visits to Pismo Beach were unpleasant except for the scenery, which was wonderful. So I stopped going there after 2003. This was too bad because I wasn't able to see some relatives again who mattered to me: Edward Kerechanko, the last elderly member of the family, his son George, and George's wife Sandy. Edward died and I never got to say goodbye. But it would have meant dealing with the Kiralys and that was too much.

In the mid-2000s, James and Grace drove through my area (Silicon Valley). They were planning to visit my brothers Kenneth and Scott, both of whom lived within driving distance though in different cities. I invited James and Grace to have lunch with me. They refused. However, they agreed to talk with me for a few minutes in a parking lot. So we stood in a parking lot and chatted.

How nice. A parking-lot visit. It is truly the stuff that lasting and loving relationships are made out of. It is astonishing that we did not all embrace the way it happens on TV.

Communication from 1999 to 2008

I talked to Grace by phone occasionally throughout the 2000s. It didn't go well. On one occasion, when I said something she didn't want to hear, she started singing the words La La La La so that she couldn't hear me. I'd read about this in stories but until that moment I hadn't known that people actually did it.

I left James voicemail messages a few times about things he was interested in. However, he never responded even once.

Sidebar about 2008

This part is just background for those who are interested. Attorneys may find it irrelevant.

Starting in 2008 I made a concerted effort to connect with people from the past. This included Twisted Time, a boy who'd given me $5.00 to pay for train fare out of town when James physically chased me out of the house half-dressed.

I suppose it will be easy for people to mock the picture but it was moderately uncomfortable to walk on the rocks without shoes. I mentioned this to Grace Kiraly in 2011 or 2012 and she shouted something similar to "You had clothes on!" Actually, not much. Thanks for all the help and sympathy during that period, Mom.

In 2008, I also went to see Kern King, a Finance Director at Stanford University. I remembered him as being about 10 years old. He was amazed and pleased to talk to me for a little while. He boasted that he still looked college age but really he resembled his father Wayne who had seemed ancient to us kids in the 1970s. Regrettably I was overcome with emotion while talking to Kern. He stared at me and never wanted to talk with me again.

I talked with Kevin King, Kern's older brother. He is a manager at Chevron now. Kevin didn't want to be in contact with me either. But he phoned me while I was writing this document even though he hates to use the phone. I am grateful. Kevin told me that to defeat my parents and brothers who are lying under oath to harm me I must write a short piece for attorneys to read.

I'm afraid I have disobeyed Kevin. This set of documents is not very short. But this is me writing now. My parents and some of my peers took this away 40 years ago. I am back and I can be me now. I can write and I can say what is right. I don't want to give this up. I don't want to go back to being what the Kiralys made me.

The same year, 2008, I looked for Twisted Time and found him in the hospital. To speak with him after all the years… it was amazing. I talked with Nancy G, another peer. I talked with business associates from the past.

One of the business associates was P.J. Lyon who used to have a large part of the U.S. voting software market. P.J. welcomed me and we talk to this day. He has just had eye surgery and is recovering nicely. He is a much better old person than James and Grace Kiraly. There is no cruelty in him at all. Nothing but pleasantness. He and his wife Nancy go to help animals. And if I am sick, he is regretful. He doesn't talk about "decisions" that I never made.

As an interesting coincidence, Thomas Kiraly once owned or controlled or something part of one of P.J.'s ventures. I heard that the employees, who had known me, had praised me to Thomas. I gather this was awkward for him.

Communication from 2008 to 2011

In the same year (2008), I talked with my parents, James and Grace Kiraly.

I declined to speak with James for a while. He'd rebuffed attempts I'd made in the past. When I'd visited in 2003 I'd tried to show him a legal brief that I was proud of. Somebody that I sort of had in an enemy attorney's camp had sort of learned the attorney's analysis of my brief. The attorney had concluded it was water-tight.

This was something that James and I should have been able to communicate about. But James refused even to look at the legal brief. It would have meant seeing me as an adult and a peer, something that in my case he could never bring himself to do. When he looked at me, he saw the boy who'd had "attitude" and had therefore disrespected him. Not the frightened autistic child he'd battered but who might have loved him anyway.

James also ignored attempts that I made subsequently to show interest in his activities. The idea of speaking with him become stressful to me. I wanted to wait until things were working with Grace before trying again with him.

Side note to Ted Batha: Yes, it's the attorney you're thinking of and of course the spy was Arthur. And the attorney did acknowledge tacitly that the brief had a chance of leading to criminal prosecution. He told me, "They won't prosecute a white-collar crime. He won't be convicted unless it is sexual in nature."

Moving on, Grace, for her part, wasn't actually interested in talking to me. After a couple of years, circa 2010, she told me that we couldn't speak any longer because she had cancer. She said she was busy with medical treatments. Her exact words were "I can't talk to you any old time!"

As it turned out, Grace was lying to me. She'd had a brush with cancer but it was past. I didn't know that she was lying, though, and the news hit me harder than I expected. It wasn't as though she'd brought me anything but pain. But I started drinking more beer.

For a few months, I drank beer heavily. During the events that followed, Grace seized on the fact that I'd consumed beer. She suggested on numerous occasions that because this had happened, nothing I was saying mattered.

In fact, after Grace came to visit me unexpectedly in early 2012 (thereby demonstrating that James has committed perjury) she made a point of telling relatives that she'd smelled alcohol on my breath. So this woman had traveled hundreds of miles to visit me but was still focused relentlessly on a perception that made things simpler for her.

At any rate, Grace and I talked by phone through the end of 2011. And I started to speak with James. The conversations with James went well. To the best of my recollection, every single one of them until December 2011 was cordial. When I talked to James, I was careful to say things like "So, you're painting the house?" or "How is your computer working?" It wasn't very interesting but he was able to communicate to some extent on that level.

Communication from late 2011 to early 2012

In December 2011 I asked my parents if they were ready to work with me on a book related to family issues, including but not limited to child abuse.

My mother had known about the book for some time. But I gather she hadn't really understood what I was saying until this point.

My parents ended contact immediately. My father, James Kiraly, went to the police in Pismo Beach, CA on the next business day and attempted to have me arrested. The proposed charge was "Elder Abuse". This was based on the fact that I'd made 30 phone conversations total to my parents over several months. At least, this is what James and Grace told me when they said they were going to the police.

The thing is, my father lied to the police. He told the police that these were abusive phone calls. But every conversation I'd had with him that year had been brief and pleasant. And my conversations with my mother, Grace Kiraly, had been unpleasant and even acrimonious at times, but at no point had she directed me to end communication.

On one occasion, after her uncle Edward Kerechanko died, Grace was feeling stressed because she'd been up late waiting for him to pass away. She told me "I don't have any cookies to give you any longer."

At first, this seemed like an odd thing to say.

But it actually made sense. This was meant to be a dismissal. Grace was thinking about telling me to cease communications. But when I asked her about the "cookies" remark later on, she insisted that she had never said any such thing.

I started noticing more and more around this time that Grace would say things and then forget she'd said them. My parents had always done this. But it seemed to be getting worse for her. When I told her this was happening, sometimes she denied that it was possible. On other occasions, she said things like "You heard wrong!" But, actually, I didn't hear wrong.

My mother, who had almost been an intellectual, had lost her ability to reason. Now we'd never discuss the "Fingerprint of God". I had always wanted to finish that discussion with her.

And I'd never be able to respond to Grace about the book "Boundaries". This was a book that said abused children who are assigned the black sheep role should not talk about things. They should simply accept their lot. Grace believed this very strongly. She gave me the book because she wanted me to believe it as well.

The lamentable and even heartbreaking loss of cookies I'd never eat again aside, our conversations were often about Grace's feelings that if I was sick and unemployed, it must be my fault:

  • Grace told me that I was sick and unemployed because I didn't pray to Jesus enough.
  • She said that I was sick and unemployed because I'd made *decisions* but she refused to say what those "decisions" might have been. It wasn't a great mystery. There weren't actually any decisions. Thomas and Kenneth made decisions. They were brave. I never made decisions; not major ones. Decisions meant taking chances. I was too frightened to do that until I became very old.
  • Grace added that I was sick and unemployed because I refused to take "responsibility". She was never able to explain what she meant by this. But there is a point worth noting. People who say this are sometimes trying to look away from their own "responsibility".

I remember a favorite quiet moment I spent with my mother. At one point, she asked me, “Is this about money? Do you want money?” I was appalled and told her: “I've made it clear repeatedly that I want to work! I need a job! If anybody in the family can offer references or introduce me to contacts, that would be helpful. I've been largely unemployed for about eight years!”

Immediately, without a pause, Grace Kiraly Kind and Loving shouted these words at me: “Whose fault is that?!”

Some people reading this will see nothing odd about the pure and simple logic of Grace's response. I'd prefer not to have people like this in my life.

But at least now, after reading the rubbish that the Kiralys have written, I understand why Grace snapped at me this way. My words meant nothing to her. She didn't even hear them. To Grace, it must be about money. Why? “Just because! It makes sense! Therefore it is so!”

As far as the question of money goes, I've written more about the subject in my rebuttal to Thomas Idiot Kiraly's perjury which alleged that I had demanded money for medical treatment. That part is on the Specific Rebuttals page.

I spoke with Grace Kiraly a few times about the abuse James Kiraly had committed. Those talks tended to go poorly. When I mentioned one time that James had knocked me to the floor, Grace shrieked "Sass! You were sassing him!" When I say shrieked, I am being literal. This was a sensitive subject for Grace. She reacted strongly.

I'll explain the "Sass" remark in case you aren't an English speaker. Grace believed I had been speaking boldly and disrespectfully to James, and that knocking somebody to the floor without warning was an appropriate way to respond to this.

Actually, though, I'd been terrified of James in general. I was never like Kenneth, who spoke to James as he pleased. During the incident in question I'd had no idea why I'd been knocked to the floor.

The reason was simple, though. As mentioned previously, I was autistic or something similar. This is a medical condition which makes it difficult for children and adults to focus eye gaze on others in the "right" way. The medical condition also affects speech. James considered the eye gaze and speech issues to be moral failings.

He called these issues "attitude". He was often angry when they happened. As they happened for me every day, this made life with James a bit uncomfortable.

Looking back at Grace's remarks, it's no longer clear to me why I believed it was possible to communicate with people like this.

I did try to talk to her though. Until James went to the police. He's characterized the fact that the police weren't interested as remarkable generosity on his (James') part. "If I had proceeded then Bob could not have gotten a job. I, James Kiraly, am Kind and Generous. I will simply put Bob into the CLETS criminal database instead. Surely that will not affect his prospects for employment."

But actually I talked to the same police myself and confirmed that there was no basis for charges of any kind. Charges against me, at any rate. James certainly attempted to make a false report. And, as he did this in conjunction with discussions with Grace, it may have been criminal conspiracy and possibly a felony.

I asked the police how I could charge James with a crime and they explained the steps to take. I thanked them and I made preparations to proceed. I also sought legal representation to prepare for civil litigation against my parents. However, I stopped all of this when something unexpected happened. In early 2012, my mother came to visit me without my permission or even an announcement.

So Grace and I resumed discussions. At around the same time, give or take a few weeks I think, I reestablished contact with my brother Thomas Evan Kiraly.

I called Thomas on his birthday, January 24. It didn't go well. He asked me how I was doing. I said that I was unwell. He became very agitated and said "Services! There are services!" By this he meant he believed that medical care is free in America.

After reading the remarks that Thomas Kiraly made when he committed perjury, I realize that he became upset because he thought I was going to ask him for money. But no such request was ever made or implied.

Thomas shouted at me about this and other things he didn't like. I was ill and begged him to stop but he wouldn't. He couldn't see me but I was next to my bed. I slid to the floor and begged him not to be angry.

We agreed that I'd call again in a few weeks. I did so. During the second or third call, Thomas said something to the effect, "Please don't harass my family!" This was startling to say the least as we'd agreed that I'd call back. In that call or a subsequent one Thomas offered a partial explanation for his "out of the blue" statement.

I'd tried to call Kenneth Kiraly at what I'd believed to be his home phone. Nothing happened. There was dead silence. So I hung up. It appears that my parents may have warned Kenneth that I might call him and that he was not to speak with me. At any rate, Kenneth apparently picked up and said nothing.

I had no way to know any of this at the time. But Kenneth apparently told his parents that I was "harassing" him by calling and "hanging up" If he actually said this I consider it to be so off the mark it may be actionable in and of itself.

I know about this because Grace Kiraly phoned me and said "Why do you need to talk to Ken?! Virginia (Ken's wife) is *frightened* ! They have *children* ! Surely by phoning Ken who has never told you not to call him, you are seeking to harm his *children* ! Virginia is *frightened* !"

Good Lord. The fact is that Kenneth had never said not to call him. Not once. For Ken to not speak when I phoned and to misrepresent that, and for Grace to call and tell me that Virginia was "frightened" … I was starting to think that these people were just plain nuts.

It "gets better" after that. Grace subsequently denied she'd ever said that Virginia was frightened. This was too much. Heaven forbid that Virginia should be "frightened" or that Grace should be senile; but it was clearly one way or the other.

I decided that if I was going to establish contact with Kenneth, it should be primarily at his office, where presumably no one would be "frightened" and no "children!" would be involved.

I never reached Kenneth. And he never once communicated to me that I should not contact him. I'll say more related to his company, Amazon and Lab 126, later on.

Things changed after a while in an unexpected way. I phoned the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce to check up on a volunteer group that my father was involved in. I wanted to write about it for my book. Was it truly about altruism? Was James a good person under the right circumstances?

I also wanted to verify that the group didn't involve minors. But I didn't mention that to anybody on this occasion.

The Chamber of Commerce directed me to a man who seemed uneasy when I asked polite questions. I told him that I was writing about altruism. He had never heard the word before and said something like, "I don't know Al Truism." This man was apparently a friend of my father. I gather he went to my father and told him I'd called though I don't know for sure.

Whatever the reason, James escalated things. I learned that he was calling people and saying things like "Is there anything that we can prosecute Bob for? If you'd like to help, give me what you can."

As an amusing note, James has characterized the fact that I know about this as paranoia. As with other issues, it never occurred to him that somebody *told* me what was going on. This does not seem very astute on his part.

Things Come to a Head

Then, abruptly, I was no longer able to reach Thomas on the phone. There is no way to know what happened. Thomas would need to tell us if James ordered him not to speak with me.

I started to feel, enough is enough. I phoned the Pismo Beach police and told them I intended to communicate with my parents. Grace's visit to me and her subsequent annoying phone calls to me had abrograted my parents' previous request for a cessation of communications. I offered to carbon copy all of my communications to the Pismo Beach police and to let them vet things. The police declined my offer. They said it would be all right for me to proceed.

I sent my parents a small number of postcards. The postcards were politely worded but they had a mocking tone. After I'd been threatened by these people, I felt the mocking tone was justified. Here is a postcard that I sent to my father James Kiraly as a birthday gift:

Happy Birthday! Birthdays are a time to reflect. Right decisions made? Responsibility taken? Was it a life of honor and truth? BTW Moving forward with church mediation. You cannot stop child abuse book. There is nothing you can do. You no longer have control. You will never dictate again. Never in this life.

Here are the cruel things I said to my mother in a postcard for her:

Hi. Talking to Pismo Beach Police. Nice people. Offered to CC postcards. They said not needed. Heard you object to my book and are making false statements. I may call in Electronic Frontier Foundation. Also Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. Am reopening dialogue with your A.P.S. and Social Services. How is the weather? Book will continue. I expect about 10K visitors per year. I'd like you to help with some chapters if this is possible.

And here is the worst thing that I remember doing in 2012. I made an impolite phone call to my father circa his birthday to go with the birthday card. I said something similar to the following. The wording is approximate and may have been slightly different: "You're not in control any longer, Jimmy. You can't hurt me. Wife beater! Child abuser!"

I regret leaving that message. I even apologize for it. However, this was the man who had terrorized me for a decade as a child, who had knocked me to the floor, who had chased me out of the house half-naked, who had barely acknowledged my existence except when he was hurting me, and who was now trying to have me arrested.

Of course, James Kiraly had to have the last word. If I understand correctly he moved against me legally a few days later.

Riane Kiraly Steals a Dollar

Things escalated further when Thomas misrepresented a remark I'd made about his daughter Riane Kiraly. When Riane was seven years old, she stole a dollar. I made her give the dollar back. She whispered something to me. I was astonished at what she said and asked her to repeat it.

I mentioned the incident to Thomas in a voicemail message. For the record, what Riane said had nothing to do with Thomas abusing her. But Thomas told his father, and has apparently stated in court papers, that I threatened to blackmail him about abusing his daughter if he didn't give me money. He seemed to be connecting this to his employer, Humana, where he is apparently a Vice President or something of the sort. The title is undoubtedly impressive. But he is more dull-witted than I remember.

If Thomas Kiraly honestly misunderstood the remark, which I doubt, Humana only figured into it because I'd left him a message using their voicemail system. I cautioned him at some point that if he didn't want to speak with me, he should tell me as opposed to involving his company. Otherwise we'd need to go over family business with Humana's legal department. Family matters would then be public, something I wished to avoid.

It appeared that Thomas Kiraly was now planning to charge me with a crime that had not happened. So I took the one step that could prevent Thomas from doing this. To demonstrate that no blackmail was involved, I notified Humana that Thomas might be planning to take the step he'd threatened, that he might try to involve Humana, and that they ought to remain out of the matter.

I then left Thomas a message that said something similar to this: "I've defused your threat, little brother." As a related note, if Thomas and Riane both wish to be embarrassed they may request they I disclose exactly what Riane whispered to me when she was little. Is it the wish of everybody involved that even more must be public?

All of this was regrettable. But throughout all of this, none of these people, not one, told me not to communicate with them. My parents' request, again, had been abrogated by the unwanted visit of my mother some time earlier.

Bonetto's Books

I started to suspect that Thomas might be consciously trying to avoid my calls, even though he hadn't told me anything. I wasn't sure. So I left him a message that said bluntly we needed at least to discuss our grandfather's books. The issue there was simple. I thought that I might be dead at some point due to my illness. Thomas was the logical person to take possession of the books by our grandfather that were in my possession.

Thomas has characterized my attempt to give him our grandfather's books as an extortion attempt. I am not even able to begin to understand the reasoning in this case.

If my brother believes that my offer to put Ivan Kmeta's books into my will for him (Thomas) to receive after my death was an extortion attempt, I'd love to hear exactly how that might work. "Here, I am dead, I command you to put flowers on my grave as opposed to urinating on it." Quite simply, Thomas Evan Kiraly appears to be less than functionally intelligent.

I call this legal strategem, random nonsense to the point of idiocy, Bonetto's Books after Michael Bonetto, the attorney who apparently encouraged Thomas to use it.

The sad part is I made Ivan Kmeta cry over Thomas Kiraly. Ivan was a sensitive soul. In the 1980s, I insisted that Ivan, who was a writer, autograph copies of his books for my brothers. All of my brothers. Ivan did so but was so sentimental that doing this made him cry. I am sick at heart that I made my grandfather cry for worthless rabble such as my brothers.

I gave the signed books to Grace for safe-keeping. Naturally, Grace, who is as sturdy and reliable for important things as a strand of wet spaghetti, lost the books immediately. "Books? What books?" she said. Yes, she was a Dependable Rock that could always be trusted. If you gave her something treasured to keep, it would be Safe Forever. It would certainly not be thrown away or given away to people who didn't really care.

Dealing with perjury is good for shaking things out. I have just remembered something interesting. Grace used to tell me that I couldn't have any of the family heirlooms because I had no children. I was a dead end. The treasures must go to the grandchildren even if I could have left them the same treasures in my own will. Huh. Funny what pops into one's mind.

I still have some copies of Ivan Kmeta's books. Some may be autographed. I'm not sure. I wanted to pass the books on. And my brother Thomas Kiraly characterizes this as extortion.

As a side note, after Grace the Reliable lost her father's books in the 1980s, I spoke to Thomas about the matter and tried to explain. Thomas slammed down the phone on me. So by 2012 I'd waited over 20 years to settle questions about the books. And now the questions will never be settled.

Amazon Lab 126

There was an amusing incident during this period that involved Amazon, the company. This was Kenneth's company. Kenneth is supposedly the person who developed the Kindle, which you may own. By the way, can you guess the name of the person who taught Kenneth to code in 'C' and got him his first job? Or who let Kenneth live with him rent-free for years?

When I learned that my father James Kiraly was still seeking to have me arrested, I decided to initiate litigation against him (James). It seemed that I'd need to serve my brothers papers in the case. I didn't want to serve the papers on Kenneth at home because Grace had said that Virginia was "frightened. So I decided to serve him at Lab 126, the Amazon division where he worked.

I wanted to discuss the matter with Kenneth but I'd never been able to reach him. So I asked Lab 126 to identify corporate counsel. I intended to use them as go-betweens. I was transferred to an arrogant young man whose name was similar to Abdi.

Abdi immediately threatened to have me arrested. I had done nothing but ask the identity of corporate counsel, so I was taken aback. I informed Abdi that I would now call the police myself to see about having *him* (Abdi) arrested for criminal conspiracy. Depending on exactly what was going on, it seemed as though a case could have been made for this.

Abdi refused to identify himself completely despite taking on the mantle of somebody who could have me arrested. If I remember correctly, he hung up. I spent the next hour or so researching the police departments that had jurisdiction for Lab 126. It was a complicated matter. Then I spoke with the police at different levels for perhaps 30 to 45 minutes.

After I was satisfied that I had the facts straight, I called Lab 126 back and left a message for Abdi's boss, a senior security officer. I explained that I'd talked to the police and verified that Abdi had overstepped the bounds of decency and most likely of the Law. I may possibly have implied that Abdi was less than intelligent but I am not sure.

I offered to deal with Lab 126 on a cordial basis. And I invited the senior officer to speak with Kenneth Kiraly about what might happen if the basis was not cordial. I trusted Kenneth to speak objectively and indicate that I might possibly be able to cause difficulties in a lengthy and perfectly legal context.

I used a standard and perfectly legal approach to copy the message to Abdi and Kenneth, plus some people I believed might be corporate counsel. The amusing part is that James Kiraly has characterized this as hacking Amazon's phone system.

Once again, James Kiraly sees me as Superspy Insane Satan. What is it that the young people today might say about this? "Oh Noes it is Insatan run and hide."

Happy Birthday

I don't think I've covered all of the perjury that the Kiralys have set forth. But this document needs to be wrapped up. I'll add more to future editions if there's time.

We are now at my birthday in June 2012.

I decided to say goodbye to the trash I'd been handled as a poor excuse for a family. I left each member a voicemail message. Each message was polite and praised the recipient for all he or she had done for me. Which was nothing, of course. I ended each message with "God Bless You".

In short, it was fine mockery. This was my birthday gift to myself. I was pleased and thought all of this was over. But I didn't know that the Kiralys had committed perjury the preceding month and that process servers would lie about serving me.

Unlawful Service

A few days after my birthday legal papers were slid under a door. I have been told that this was unlawful. They never served me.

I mentioned this to plaintiff's counsel, Michael Bonetto, the following week. The discussion didn't go well. He seemed to laugh about the fact I wouldn't be able to prove his firm was involved in violations of the law. I'm afraid I said I'd go to the Bar Association. We were no longer Best Friends Forever after that.

But actually Michael made a verbal slip-up that might have embarrassed him. I also sort of made some noise by mailing some of the firm's shareholders about the matter. When the time came for my first court hearing, the Judge indicated tht the proof of service was missing. Hmm, that's interesting. I started to say under oath that I hadn't been served and to talk about Michael's firm. But everybody shut me up quickly. To settle the issue of the service that had never happened they served me right then and there.

Up to Date

I had five business days from the time of the unlawful service to my first court hearing. I tried very hard to find an attorney during this period.

People said, "Oh, it's fine. You can just get a public defender." They didn't understand that that doesn't apply to this kind of case.

Or they said, "Call referral this or referral that or referral that lives down the lane." But referral services don't have attorneys stored there in the closet waiting to come out and help you. Attorneys are very busy and booked well in advance.

There were no attorneys for me. I grew increasingly desperate. My court date was on Friday. On Wednesday night I gave a petition for the Court to a courier. An attorney had told me to write this. He thought that if it was worded properly it would not be ex parte.

The petition asked for a continuance. It offered to settle for a voluntary agreement. It suggested a court-appointed attorney, which I offered to pay for.

The courier delivered the petition on Thursday morning. I waited by the phone to see what would happen. Then I realized I was ill. I needed to go to the Emergency Room.

Should I stay or should I go? Decisions, decisions. I went by bus to the hospital. But I didn't quite make it. The bus recording called out the hospital. Then suddenly it was a few blocks past the hospital. I was standing on the steps of the bus and the driver was staring at me. I found out later why he was staring.

I'd missed my stop somehow. The driver told me to sit down. He turned the entire bus around and drove blocks out of his way to complete a U-Turn. Then he dropped me at the hospital.

I told the people there was a problem. Something was wrong. They looked at me and put me on IVs for about 90 minutes. The problem turned out to be simple. I hadn't eaten for eight days at this point. That is not necessarily a big deal. But it appears that due to stress I had not drunk much water either for the eight days.

That is a big deal indeed. Apparently I'd up looking a bit deflated, like an old and used up balloon that must be thrown away.

After I'd been treated, I voluntarily underwent a multi-hour psychiatric evaluation. I was told that if I was a danger to myself or others I would not be released. But I passed the evaluation and went home.

I slept and took public transit to court. Travel was an ordeal. I was afraid I wouldn't make it on time. But I did. They granted me a continuance for the action of the perjurer James Kiraly. I face the same thing in a few days in connection with Thomas Perjurer Kiraly's action. Then two separate actual battles in July.

I need an attorney. I can document things. I can respond to specific allegations. And usually it is difficult to collect damages from perjurers in cases like this; but I think these people have gone so far that it should be possible.

So is there an attorney for me? Do I get to have somebody to fight for what is right? And, as importantly perhaps for a practical firm, for damages from the Kiralys.

I told Grace Kiraly the issue was not about money. I wanted Kenneth Kiraly, who I took in for years rent-free and taught to code in C, to offer me a reference. The young man who I had faith in and whose startup Multiscope I initially invested more in; he upped his own ante to avoid embarrassment. He owed me a reference. This is the greedy expectation that I had. But after what these people have done, I ask that attorneys evaluate the facts and the bottom line.

I'd like an attorney. The Kiralys, my loving family, their kind souls shining brightly in the dark, have an attorney. May I have one too?

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