Specific Rebuttals
For now, attorneys should refer primarily to the Case History. But this page includes some specific rebuttals and I'll add more over time.

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Specific Rebuttals

I don't have electronic copies of the court papers. So there's no way for me to rebut things in context; I'd need to copy dozens of pages by hand without errors.

I'd like to write the rebuttals. If anybody can obtain electronic copies please send them to me. I'll respond to every point. I suspect that by the time I am done, there will be some potential for embarrassment both for the perjurers and for any attorneys who are too closely associated with them.

Here are some examples from Thomas's soapbox. This is the best I can do for now without electronic copies.

Thomas says: He has demonstrated his intent and capacity to damage my livelihood. Bob has made specific threats to contact people at my place of employment, Humana Inc., and to share his allegations with [them].

Robert responds: Actually, I contacted Humana some time back and I've discussed that action with an attorney. Thomas Kiraly threatened to commit perjury which he has now apparently done. The idea was to claim that I'd threatened to blackmail him by saying to Humana that he had sexually abused his daughter Riane Kiraly. The facts of the matter are covered elsewhere in these documents. I suspect Thomas will be embarrassed by his foolishness and the thought pleases me.

To protect myself against any such criminal misrepresentation by Thomas I notified Humana of Thomas's threat. Regarding future disclosures of criminal actions by Thomas I'll certainly work with attorneys to see that his actions are addressed appropriately.

Thomas says: Bob believes he is smarter than the law.

Robert responds: An excellent example of a statement with zero semantic content. I am not smarter than the Law though I am certainly smarter than Thomas. Thomas, for his part, feels the Law is a toy that he can use to harm people as a matter of convenience. It seems possible he will learn that this is a two-edged sword.

Thomas says: Bob is stalking us.

Robert responds: Thomas's statement is perjury despite the weasel words that he uses subsequently. How is it that I can claim perjury? Simple. Thomas has never once requested that I not communicate with him. Not once.

For details regarding the one remark Thomas made that bordered on a request not to communicate please read the rest of these documents.

Thomas says: Bob is mentally ill and is becoming an increasing danger to himself and to others.

Robert responds: This remark comes from Thomas, somebody who as an adult (not a child, mind you) used to delight himself by explaining in great detail how he would obtain a gun, aim the gun at my head, pull the trigger, and laugh as the bullet shattered my skull and the brains ran out. This period of Thomas's life was a bit confusing. He never actually explained why he wanted to kill me.

Thomas's own mother, Grace Kiraly, used to talk repeatedly about the "dark mask" that came down on Thomas when he was still a teenager. She was never truly comfortable with him after that.

Thomas says: [I] have been clear with him that I do not want him to call me

Robert responds: Thomas never once did anything of the sort. See the rest of this document.

Thomas says: Commencing January 24, 2012, Bob began stalking me

Robert responds: January 24, 2012 was Thomas's birthday. A small detail that his perjury omits. I wished him a Happy Birthday.

He asked me how I was. I said that I was ill. Thomas became agitated; almost deranged. He ranted and rave about how there are "services" in the U.S. For more about the perjury that Thomas has committed here see the rest of these documents.

Thomas says: "threaten that he would approach my Company, Humana, to share his machinations regarding "child and spousal" abuse with them

Robert responds: If I were in the mood to speak with this cretin I would mention two points:

  • The "child and spousal" abuse remark was connected to James Kiraly and not to Thomas Kiraly
  • The context was that I was worried that Thomas himself would drag Humana into the matter. Which is exactly what he went ahead and did when he misrepresented my statement related to Riane stealing a dollar. See the rest of these documents.

Thomas: My Mother had given Bob a significant number of historic books from our Grandfather's library several decades ago. He was now demanding that I call him so that we could "discuss those books". In these voicemails, it became increasingly apparent to me that he was either trying to extort money, or otherwise harm my livelihood and family.

Robert responds: This may be the most interesting of all of Thomas Kiraly's lies under oath. I feel that if there is any way to lawfully and appropriately seek legitimate consequences for Thomas's lies it may be through this one.

Read what Thomas says. "Increasingly apparent" that a completely undefined action was going to take place? Shall I disclose the machinations involved here?

First, Grace didn't give me the books in question. I went and got them from Ivan myself. I did this for Thomas Kiraly and his brothers despite the fact he has as much kindness and conscience as an Atheris Matildae.

I made Ivan cry in the process. For Thomas. I gave the books to Grace, for Thomas, and she lost them. I may have some more. I may be very ill. I wanted to arrange for the books I still have to be transferred to other family members in the event of my death.

For additional details, see the rest of these documents.

If anybody reading this can think of a lawful, appropriate, and effective way to respond to the assertion that my gift in the event of my death of my grandfather's books was "increasingly apparent" a crime… contact me.

Thomas: He asked (or demanded) that the relative to find out if my father would pay for his medical bills

Robert responds: I didn't think that Thomas's lies or those of the others could get any worse. This statement is not only false but goes to the heart of the situation.

First, this never happened. Not the part he attributes to me.

Was this alleged call made in voicemail? If so, the Kiralys should have a copy. They need to produce the recording or I will find a lawful and appropriate way to address Thomas's lie.

Which relative? There are only two realistic possibilities: the two surviving cousins on Ivan's and Olga's side of the family. They can be questioned under oath about the assertion Thomas has made. If Thomas has misrepresented what one of them said, there must be a lawful and appropriate way to call this criminal to account for it.

Thinking further about this issue, I'd like to comment about something that is not at all a side issue: the question of good versus evil. This is covered on the Family History page.

Thomas says: [it] is not unlikely that he will use the Internet as an alternate course of action against us […] hopefully, it will be made clear to Bob that he is to leave us alone and not to "stalk" us

Robert responds: Thomas is asking the Court here to attempt to prevent me from using the Internet as efficiently, thoroughly, and vigorously as I possibly can to seek Justice. As I understand it, what he's trying to do is unlikely to succeed. However, as Thomas says, something should be "made clear".

Thomas and the other Kiralys have made false statements about me and placed these false statements in the public eye. They have also threatened with the stigma of a database entry that may lead to problems. And I don't know yet what the financial costs are going to be.

These actions, which I believe rise to the level of criminal conspiracy and may constitute felonies, will not go unanswered. I will indeed document the criminal actions that the Kiralys have taken and seek assistance in every possible venue.

The Internet isn't needed though it is certainly helpful. I suspect that phone calls to national child abuse organizations may be helpful.

I'm ill and exhausted, but the truth will be heard. I do have friends and they're not all on the "Internet". I've heard from two people that Thomas might remember from 40 years ago. They have advised me and simply having them talk to me provided a boost.

One of those people is Twisted Time in the story. He remembers one of the events that the Kiralys are seeking to prevent me from speaking about. Note: He has not requested anonymity. The reason I have not yet stated his real-life identity will be revealed to attorneys who decide to represent me.

Thomas and the other Kiralys will not be able to hurt Twisted Time. Before Thomas decides to do so, he may wish to do some research and talk to a public relations specialist. This is a neutral observation and not a "threat" of any kind.

As far as the Internet goes, I've talked to people in a number of areas. A friend in China who runs one of the major Linux distros has offered to host a backup in the Shanghai area and indicates that James Kiraly, Thomas Kiraly, and Kenneth Kiraly will not be able to prevent the facts from being disclosed there.

It will take a while to sort things out. But the details of the actions that are being taken against me will ultimately be distributed to multiple groups in multiple countries. I will seek legitimate and appropriate actions indefinitely if need be.

I did not choose this. Phone calls that I made on my birthday were intended to be goodbyes to these people. But the Kiralys had already filed these false charges. They never once told me they didn't wish to communicate after Grace Kiraly abrograted the original request in early 2012.

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