Kiraly Family Case Notes

1. Overview

This is one of the sites for an interesting legal case that names me, Robert Crowley (legal name Robert Kiraly) as a defendant. Actually, two cases. There are two related restraining order and/or CLETS database actions pending.

The site may not last. There are mirrors but if you're interested you may wish to download or copy some of the pages before they're gone. If the site isn't taken down, more material will be added. These pages are still rough and need work.

The site consists of this summary page and five related pages which provide the core material. To read the core material, use the links in section 5 below or see the next paragraph.

Attorneys may just want the Case History. To read that, click here. There are some specific rebuttals at this link. To read about my loving family, go here instead. Be warned, the loving family part is sort of personal. If you're not comfortable with TMI (Too Much Information) then don't read it.

Before we continue, be advised that I'm different. It isn't a matter of choice or a moral failing. I can't talk like you can without effort. I can speak well but it takes a lot out of me. I'm also very literal. People familiar with autism will understand this. Adding it up, people, including most of my living family members, see me as odd and unlikable.

But if I'm unlikable, that isn't the point. I've been thinking about the heart of the matter. Here is the heart. Do facts matter? Is reality simply what people wish it to be? If bad things happen in families, should they be discussed? Or is somebody who talks about them, who talks about what actually happened, "bad" for doing so?

Here's a few of the interesting points:

  • Former abuser seeks to put his son and victim in a database (CLETS) associated with domestic violence offenders.
  • Innocence for some allegations could be established simply by checking phone records.
  • One party involved is Kenneth Kiraly, who is apparently the inventor of the Amazon Kindle.
  • Other parties are similarly highly placed. For example, James Kiraly is a former VP of Transamerica and Thomas Kiraly is a VP of Humana. The key question here is whether or not influence outweighs facts.
  • One primary goal seems to be the suppression of an online book and website related to the Kiraly family.
  • Abuse was related to child's autism. Note: In the 1960s, autism was referred to as "attitude" and "sass".

The Kiralys' actions raise interesting philosophical questions. What does it mean to take "responsibility" for something? When do facts matter? What is the role of religion in life? What is the difference between good and evil? Over time, these pages will explore these questions and others as I work towards the book I've been planning since 1971.

Some notes about the website itself:

If this site is taken down there are offers to host it in other locations. One of the people making the offer was a witness to the aftermath of an incident decades ago that involved one of the plaintiffs, James Kiraly.

There are copies of this material circulating now that I don't control. If you have suggestions or requests for changes, I can edit some of the canonical copies but I don't have passwords etc. for the others.

If this material seems interesting, consider giving me a tweet. Mail me or phone me and I'll let you know later on if the site moves due to takedowns etc.

2. Parties Involved and Contact Information

Parties involved:

Name Role Notes
Robert Kiraly Defendant Oldest brother. This is me. Autistic or similar condition. Health could be better; see the Family History page. Adult survivor of child abuse. Proposed book about families led to this situation.
James Francis Kiraly Plaintiff Father. Former VP of Transamerica. Religious Fundamentalist. Harsh and abusive. Even today, in old age, he isn't what you'd call a cheerful sort.
Grace Violet Kiraly Family Mother. Religious Fundamentalist. Would-be artist; she never quite got rolling. I've started to suspect that Grace never told James what she did in 2012. If this is true, she is partly responsible for all of this.
Thomas Evan Kiraly Plaintiff Next brother. VP of Humana. Was handsome in his day but always had a dark side. Seems to have made false statements under oath repeatedly. He is not the sharpest sort.
Kenneth Paul Kiraly Family Next brother. Brilliant and remorseless. A wonderful character. Kenneth is apparently the inventor of the Amazon Kindle. I'm still evaluating his testimony.

Contact information:

Defendant Phone is 650-941-6546. Robert Kiraly. This is me. There is no voicemail. If no answer please call back because Caller ID isn't set up right. It only works if I'm off the phone.
Plaintiff attorneys Firm is Hoge Fenton in San Jose, California. Phone is 408-287-9501. Michael Bonetto is named as counsel. However, Natasha Parrett may be running the show. Philip Hammer is Emeritus Counsel for the firm. I wonder what Mr. Hammer thinks privately of this case.
Web project email #1 moc.oohay|stcafwohs#moc.oohay|stcafwohs Letters to this address are welcome but email should not be viewed as reliable. Note: If this address is deleted others are ready.

Update: As of June 21, 2012, I have legal representation. For details, email me.

3. Facts of interest to the public or media

Attorneys may find section 4 more directly relevant.

3.1. I am autistic or a similar condition and an adult survivor of emotional and physical child abuse and neglect. The people involved were my parents James Francis Kiraly and Grace Violet Kiraly.

3.2. The other side includes my younger brother, Kenneth Kiraly, apparently the inventor of the Kindle.

Kenneth seems to be irritated that I've referred to him as the "Kindle Kid". I meant nothing offensive by this. It was a fun-sounding term. I wasn't even sure it was true until recently. More importantly, if anybody has the right to call Ken Kiraly the "Kindle Kid", it's me. For more information, people are invited to read Kenneth's section in the Kiraly family history.

3.3. My father, James Francis Kiraly, was abusive and violent years ago. The current situation started when I asked my parents to help me with a book about families. Including ours. My father went to the Pismo Beach Police one or two business days later and attempted to have me arrested for "Elder Abuse". The charges were based on 100% consensual calls that he lied about.

James has indicated that he held off on pursuing charges because he was generous. This is not true. People are invited to check the facts. He had no case and I was preparing to file charges against him when my mother Grace Kiraly came to visit me and interrupted things. For more information see the Case History.

3.4. Another brother who's involved is Thomas Evan Kiraly, VP of Humana.

3.5. Some parts are almost humorous. Read about the gift books that are an extortion attempt, the superpowers that I am credited with, Abdi at Amazon Lab 126, and more.

There's even a literary connection. Ivan Kmeta, who was one of the leading Slavic religious and literary figures of his generation, and grandfather to the Kiraly brothers as well, has been dragged into this. For a little more about Ivan, visit this link,

4. Facts of interest to attorneys

4.1. My parents requested cessation of communications in 2011 but abrogated the request in 2012. Specifically, my mother Grace Kiraly visited me without permission and commenced an annoying series of phone calls to me. Aside from the abrogated request, none of the people complaining ever once asked me to cease communications. Not a single person. Details are provided through the links in section 5 on this page.

As a related note, I received phone calls from the household of one of the plaintiffs (James Kiraly) through the end of March and possibly into April. Phone records will show this. Calls are still on my Caller ID unit right now. These simple facts suggest perjury on the part of the other side.

4.2. I vetted some of my own communications with police departments in two different areas. I even offered to copy some of them to the police.

4.3. The complaints make serious allegations but they're written in a slipshod manner. A good attorney should be able to demolish large parts of the cases. Additionally, there's a strong case for perjury on the part of plaintiffs. The phone records mentioned above provide one example. There's also statements that extortion and blackmail occurred but no evidence. If extortion and blackmail was attempted by voicemail why wasn't the voicemail saved?

If the voicemail was saved and turns up, it's going to show somebody (me) who doesn't talk very well. And who was quite drunk on multiple occasions. But he didn't do what the Kiralys are saying. The truth is, I'm naive enough that it's still difficult to believe the Kiralys lied under oath. Does this really happen?

In the case of the Riane Kiraly incident (Riane is Thomas's daughter), an accusation of blackmail has been made, It is related to something that Riane Kiraly whispered to me at age 7. She stole a dollar and I made her give it back. if I must, I will state under oath exactly what she said afterward. It may be somewhat embarrassing to Riane. This is regrettable. However, I look forward to Thomas Kiraly's reaction.

In the case of Ivan Kmeta's books I'd like to understand exactly how offering to give Thomas our grandfather's books upon my death is extortion towards him, And, if there *is* no way this could be true, hasn't Thomas committed perjury?

Speaking more generally, the plaintiffs' attorney used qualifiers (weasel words) to protect his clients from the consequences of perjury but he didn't cover everything. I gather that it's usually difficult to prove perjury but it might be possible in these cases.

4.5. I'm trying to cover everything in the Case History and Specific Rebuttals sections linked below. I'm hampered though by the lack of electronic copies of the allegations. If you obtain electronic copies for me I'll add more to the Specific Rebuttals section.

4.6. I ended up in the Mountain View Emergency Room on June 14 for about six hours because of this case. Part of the issue was dehydration. They put IVs in my veins for about 90 minutes to rehydrate me. During the second half of the visit, I received a multi-hour psychiatric examination. I was released as "not a danger to himself or others". Perhaps this can be used to counter the Kiraly's claims to the contrary.

4.7. This case comes down to just a few actual incidents. As one example, I learned that my father James was calling people and asking them for help to get me prosecuted. So I left a voicemail message for James Kiraly circa his birthday where I told him he couldn't hurt me any longer and referred to him as a "child abuser". My father seems to have initiated action a few days later. That one call may be what this is all about.

4,8. I have a witness who personally observed the aftermath of one episode of brutality by James Kiraly. He (the witness) is still around after all the years. Additionally, I can produce witnesses and/or evidence related to my dedication to the truth and volunteer projects I am or have been involved in.

4,9. I was never lawfully served before the first court date. Plaintiff's attorney Michael Bonetto indicated that he would, apparently, commit a crime by supporting the illegal service. Interestingly enough, he seemed to back down a bit when the time came. But I'm a novice at this and maybe it was all normal court procedure.

I sort of emailed shareholders of that law firm about the unlawful service. Also Emeritus Counsel and some other attorneys. And I'm afraid I told Mr. Bonetto I'd go to the Bar Association about his enthusiastic support of unlawful service. I regretted this later on. As I said in a subsequent email message, remarks like that don't exactly say "Let's Be Friends" to attorneys. But I didn't feel that it was appropriate for a respected law firm to break the law.

4.10. I said goodbye to the Kiralys forever on my birthday, June 6. I also offered to sign a strict non-contact agreement subsequently. These facts have been ignored. My family is proceeding with its efforts because of my regrettable tendency to speak without thinking. As in, talk about things that I'm not supposed to talk about.

5. The Good Stuff

If you're an attorney, somebody who can help, or you simply like Too Much Information, here you go. Dig in and enjoy. Attorneys may be interested mostly in the first two links (Case History and Specific Rebuttals).

Case History This link is the heart of it for attorneys.
Specific Rebuttals The Case History tries to cover everything. I'd like to organize rebuttals into a point by point form as well but I'm hampered by a lack of electronic copies. However, this link does this for some representative points.
More documents For more documents related to the case, use this link.
Family History Go here for a personal page. This will explain more about me and my family.
Acknowledgments If you are somebody I know, there may be a message for you at this link.

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