An Odd Visitor on June 18

An Odd Visitor on June 18

IRC is a type of real-time communication. I had an odd visitor in IRC on the night of Monday, June 18. He said that he'd come for technical assistance but it quickly became clear he was familiar with the Kiraly cases. He hinted that he might be somebody I knew. He also urged me to kill myself. Here is a transcript of the relevant parts.

The visitor (who identified himself as me4you) appeared to be located in Canada but location can be faked. I'm not sure what to make of this. It may have been a particular brother, somebody pretending to be him, or a random stranger who wanted to make his views clear. The transcript below starts shortly after the visitor arrived and requested technical assistance.

OldCoder: i will help with js

OldCoder: can it be next week?

me4you: no now

OldCoder: describe problem if you can further

me4you: i sent the link

OldCoder: all right

me4you: did you look at it

OldCoder: i will look shortly

OldCoder: somebody else needs to finish explaining reddit to me first

OldCoder: give me a few minutes

OldCoder: he has an idea

me4you: you just post on reddit

OldCoder: about the things you don't want to hear about

OldCoder: we tried that last week

OldCoder: he is suggesting a new approach now

OldCoder: something about IAMA

OldCoder: says i must do it at 11am CST tomorrow

me4you: stop fighting

OldCoder: ok

OldCoder: explain how

me4you: you're not getting anywhere

OldCoder: you are right

me4you: amazon is huge

OldCoder: i know

OldCoder: i don't want anything to do with this

OldCoder: do you imagine i don't simply want to sleep?

me4you: they'll grease your ass

OldCoder: if i take "them" on

OldCoder: i have no desire to do so

OldCoder: seriously

OldCoder: i just want to sleep

me4you: so sleep

OldCoder: all day in emergency room last thursday

OldCoder: i can't

OldCoder: there are court dates

me4you: for what?

OldCoder: for family coming after me

me4you: for what?

OldCoder: you obviously know part of it

OldCoder: database

OldCoder: i can't accept that voluntarily

OldCoder: must contest

me4you: whats in it?

OldCoder: people who are labeled

OldCoder: i have been labeled long enough

OldCoder: i am so tired

me4you: labelled as what?

OldCoder: as the ones who are violent

OldCoder: my father was the one

OldCoder: this isn't right and i can't accept it voluntarily

me4you: what are you talking about

OldCoder: the thing you apparently know something about

me4you: i do?

OldCoder: but don't wish to discuss so we won't

OldCoder: well so it seems to appear

me4you: no

OldCoder: very well

OldCoder: i will not fight you

me4you: ok im bored

me4you: bye

OldCoder: ok

OldCoder: bye

OldCoder: thanks for stopping by

OldCoder: me4you If this discussion was about my birthday that was intended to be goodbye forever. Regarding your JS question I assume it was not genuine but I'll look tomorrow if you request it.

me4you: hanging is best

OldCoder: ?

me4you: try the closet

OldCoder: I assume it is not about JavaScript

OldCoder: thought you said you were gone

me4you: goodbye forever

OldCoder: but see what I said above. Amazon is not involved.

me4you: try the closet

me4you: hang yourself

me4you: its the best way to go

OldCoder: why are you exercised?

OldCoder: I don't think you're him

OldCoder: and I bear him no ill will

me4you: him?

me4you: who him?

OldCoder: it is only speculation

me4you: sto rambling

OldCoder: ok

me4you: stop

me4you: amazon, your bday

me4you: i couldnt give a f**k

OldCoder: then why did you come?

me4you: i have js problem

OldCoder: all right

OldCoder: i will help if i can

OldCoder: i can't tonight

me4you: did you look at my link

OldCoder: but i help anybody i can

OldCoder: not yet in a medical state

OldCoder: difficult to type

OldCoder: hold on

me4you: you seem to be doing well

OldCoder: yes

OldCoder: i will get your file shortly

me4you: no one is going to give you a donation if thats the game

OldCoder: what?

OldCoder: there is not even a provision for that

OldCoder: i doubt there will even be much attention

me4you: if your telling your porblems for donation hunting

OldCoder: no

me4you: no one cares

me4you: not even me

OldCoder: i didn't expect anyone to

OldCoder: and why would you?

OldCoder: getting file in a minute

me4you: its a link

OldCoder: i know

me4you: why do you call it a file?

OldCoder: the file that is linked

OldCoder: is a file

OldCoder: i will download momentarily

me4you: thank god you're not an idiot

OldCoder: about some things

me4you: i can send it

OldCoder: no need

me4you: with my form

OldCoder: thanks

OldCoder: but i'm not set up for any of that

OldCoder: downloaded your file

OldCoder: reviewing

me4you: my official form is with me

OldCoder: ok

OldCoder: fairly standard HTML form?

me4you: i had an indian programmer that coudlnt get it together

OldCoder: what was the problem

OldCoder: Geez this isn't a short one is it

OldCoder: What exactly do you need done?

me4you: i might have sent you his code

me4you: hold

me4you: yes i did

OldCoder: OK

me4you: you see he couldnt get it tigether

OldCoder: What exactly do you need done?

me4you: together

OldCoder: A common problem you will agree

OldCoder: I'm sure

me4you: the form doesnt move

OldCoder: OK

OldCoder: For something like this monster…

OldCoder: my inclination would be to build it from scratch

me4you: monster?

OldCoder: a large file

OldCoder: I'd write a program to generate it

OldCoder: Wouldn't try to clean it up by hand

OldCoder: I'll attempt it if you like

me4you: program to generate it?

OldCoder: Sure, why not?

OldCoder: I've done that kind of thing before

some technical discussion is omitted here

me4you: what are you good at

OldCoder: Quite a few things

me4you: like what?

OldCoder considers

OldCoder: Large information structures. Patterns of any size. I can see flaws in programs, legal arguments, stock portfolios.

OldCoder: When I create large things

OldCoder: and I do it my way

OldCoder: somethings they are flawless.

OldCoder: It came in handy for more than 20 years.

me4you: guess the well ran dry

OldCoder: Not really

OldCoder: I've tested what I can do for a decade

OldCoder: In some areas I've improved

OldCoder: I can even connect to people now with effort

OldCoder: I do care about them

some technical discussion is omitted here

OldCoder: I have Boost in my distro

me4you: they are writing fix engine in boost

OldCoder: me4you I can't remain awake much longer

me4you: goodbye

OldCoder: good night

OldCoder is resting

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